Meshes, Voxels, Point clouds, Polylines and Distance maps


Open-source 3D geometry library that enables you to seamlessly create powerful 3D applications and perform advanced operations with ease using either C++ or Python.

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Utilize MeshLib and benefit from fast and reliable algorithms to minimize cost of development.

MeshLib Benefits

Modern C++

Free from Legacy Code

Optimized & Fast ​ Algorithms

Efficient Boolean and Triangulation algorithms, CUDA support

VTK vs MeshLib

Complex Example:
Decimate 1.1M triangles Mesh in 100 times till 11K triangles.


Mesh 1,100,000 triangles


Result – 11K Mesh with Big Holes

Decimation Time – 11 sec


Result – Uniform mesh

Decimation Time – 4 sec with sequential algorithm or 1 sec with parallel algorithm.

What our customers say


Ruedger Rubbert

Chief Technology Officer, Brius Technologies Inc

"With MeshInspector MeshLib we were able to automate many of our workflow processes, thanks to its advanced, modern, and efficient dental and geometry oriented algorithms, covering many of our orthodontic-related tasks: CT and intraoral scan segmentation, voxel and Boolean operations, editing, aligning, visualization, inspection, and import/export of mesh objects. We use the versatile MeshInspector MeshLib API, both in production and R&D for fast prototyping and testing of our ideas."

HeonJae Cho, DDS, MSD, PhD.

Chief Executive Officer, 3DONS INC.

"MeshLib SDK helped us achieve faster and more accurate calculation results and outperformed any other Mesh Processing library that we evaluated. For us in digital dentistry, it was a game-changer. Mesh processing operations, such as inspecting and editing the mesh to create dental devices for the treatment plan, are crucial. MeshInspector support liberated our team from technical constraints so we concentrated on creating exactly what we wanted. I highly recommend incorporating the MeshLib into your software arsenal."


Mariusz Hermansdorfer

Head of Computational Design at Henning Larsen Architechts

Over the past year, MeshLib has transformed my approach to design and analysis in landscape architecture and architecture projects. This powerful library excels in critical areas, such as geometry processing, interactive booleans, point cloud manipulation, and curve offsetting. These features enhance design workflows, allowing for dynamic modifications, efficient terrain modeling, stormwater flow analysis, and advanced wind flow visualiiza....."


April 12, 2024

Release v.

This release focuses on enhancing ICP (Iterative closest point) algorithms and boolean operations. Enjoy improved accuracy and performance with redesigned distance filtering and optimized point update...
March 18, 2024

Release v2.3.9.192

Meshes: Optionally return left mesh from trimWithPlane(…) Support fully degenerate triangles in Delaunay check Fix raytracing on GPU, output intersection point SubdivideSettings::projectOnOriginalMes...
February 12, 2024

Release v2.3.8.148

In a recent MeshLib release, our team have made a series of significant improvements to enhance usability, functionality, and overall user experience. Here are some of the key highlights from the late...
January 25, 2024

Release v2.3.8.21

In our latest MeshLib release, we've refined object points rendering, streamlined workflows with E57 File Cloud Loading, and optimized point cloud rendering. Mesh subdivision now offers enhanced contr...
January 19, 2024

Release v2.3.7.60

In the latest release, notable additions include the introduction of the circumcircleCenter and circumballCenters functions, alpha-shape triangle detection, and Python exposure of the relaxKeepVolume ...

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