Release v2.4.1.203

May 28, 2024


General Enhancements

  • Enhanced logging for 3DxWare driver loading and added support for new SpaceMouse Pro Wireless Bluetooth Edition.
  • Enabled CUDA support for Visual Studio 2022 v17.10.
  • Added support for loading and handling DICOM files in Wasm.
  • Improved support for more color types in glTF files.

UI/UX Improvements

  • New design and icons for the Plane widget buttons, Create Primitives tool, and Mesh Boolean tool.
  • Added a button group for the search window and introduced a centering button icon.
  • Improved text alignment in custom sliders and various UI updates.
  • Enhanced responsiveness of the UI test engine and added new widgets for drag/slider operations.

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed crashes and inconsistencies in point cloud sampling and addressed crashes related to grid sampling for simple point PC.
  • Optimized the MultiwayICP methods for better performance and stability.
  • Resolved hangs during stacktrace loading of Windows DLLs.
  • Improved performance of the positionVertsWithSpacing function for faster convergence and corrected inverted triangles.
  • Fixed issues with opening colored meshes with duplicated vertices.

Registration and Alignment

  • Introduced MultiwayAligningTransform for better solution stabilization and sparse matrix support.
  • Enhanced the PointToPlaneAligningTransform and added a common getAligningXf function for ICP.
  • Implemented new Global Registration tool for high-quality alignment of multiple objects.
  • Added more functions and options for MultiwayICP and exposed options for PointCloudTriangulation.

Mesh Operations

  • Added support for per-triangle color maps in various tools such as Segment Mesh, Geodesic Path, Merge, Surface Distance, Pack, Components, and Smooth Boundary.
  • Enhanced the Mesh Boolean tool with color highlighting for objects A and B.
  • Improved handling of holes in the Fill Holes tool and optimized the fixUndercuts function to avoid unexpected holes in thin areas.
  • Exposed more mapping options in the Boolean result mapping and optimized the extendAllHoles function.

Point Cloud Enhancements

  • Improved point cloud handling with new options for iterative sampling and added notifications for point cloud visual sampling.
  • Added support for merging point colors and saving maximum rendering points after decreasing point count.
  • Exposed the PointCloud::pack function in Python.

Save/Load Enhancements

  • Improved support for loading from gltf/glb formats with more color options.
  • Fixed build issues with disabled OpenVDB support and improved distribution scripts.

Experimental Features

  • Unified experimental features and developer mode flag.
  • Added a new flag for auto frame skipping in the UI test engine and introduced new auto-scrolling functionality.

Python Integration

  • Added new functions for implicit MeshPart creation and exposed the PointCloud::pack function.
  • Improved Python integration with new features such as fusion, distance map computation with CUDA, and support for Linux Python 3.12.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed various bugs related to object list drawing, context menus, and element hierarchy.
  • Improved undo/redo support in selection widgets and added support for decorations in unit strings.
  • Enhanced handling of null functors in the Surface Contours widget and improved radius scaling in the Surface Point Picker.

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