Release v.

April 12, 2024


This release focuses on enhancing ICP (Iterative closest point) algorithms and boolean operations. Enjoy improved accuracy and performance with redesigned distance filtering and optimized point updates in ICP. Experience faster boolean operations with enhanced stability and accuracy. These updates ensure smoother mesh processing and better results.

Release Summary:

  • Enhanced loading of faces with 5+ vertices from .OFF format.
  • Added individual feature settings for customization.
  • Introduced faster versions of certain algorithms, including ICP enhancements.
  • Improved support for custom colors in measurements.
  • Optimized various functions for better performance.
  • Updated surface pickers’ API and surface point widget features.
  • Enhanced UI elements such as dimension names and plane name tags.
  • Added icons for feature objects and a timer for the last operation time label.
  • Implemented various fixes and optimizations for the Marching Cubes algorithm.
  • Enhanced measurement unit widgets and settings.
  • Addressed issues with file handling, logging, and UI rendering.
  • Introduced new features like picker spheres and ancillary labels.
  • Fixed various bugs related to rendering, unit formatting, and feature properties.
  • Improved support for STEP file structures and python library linking.
  • Introduced new settings for feature transforms and measurement indicators.
  • Implemented progress bar for noise tool and object filters for surface contours widget.
  • Introduced local fix self-intersection function and optimized build configurations.


ICP Improvements*:

  • Redesigned far distance filtering for ICP.
  • Optimized closest point update during convergence.
  • Enhanced handling of active pairs during convergence.
  • Improved limiting of scale and rotation angles in ICP.
  • Introduced mutualClosest setting for ICP.
  • Implemented optimizations and simplifications in ICP code.
  • Enhanced filtering and tracking for ICP pair formations.
  • Addressed issues with ICP mutualClosest setting.
  • Optimized various ICP-related functions and calculations.
  • Added flexibility to translation calculations in ICP.
  • Introduced settings to improve ICP convergence and performance.

*Called Registration in the UI.

Boolean Improvements:

  • Speedup boolean operations for faster processing.
  • Improved accuracy and stability in boolean calculations.
  • Enhanced compatibility with different mesh configurations.
  • Introduced optimizations to reduce computation time and memory usage.


Full changelog on GitHub


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