Release v2.3.8.21

January 25, 2024


In our latest MeshLib release, we’ve refined object points rendering, streamlined workflows with E57 File Cloud Loading, and optimized point cloud rendering. Mesh subdivision now offers enhanced control, while new rendering features, scene saving fixes, and improved local triangulations contribute to a more seamless and efficient user experience.

Key highlights of the release include:

  1. Object Points Discreted Rendering: We’ve implemented object points discreted rendering, providing a more refined visual representation of objects in our software.
  2. E57 File Cloud Loading: Users can now seamlessly load multiple point clouds from a single E57 file, streamlining their workflow and enhancing efficiency.
  3. Optimized Point Cloud Renderer Fixes: Our development team has addressed issues in the optimized point cloud renderer, ensuring a smoother rendering experience for users working with point clouds.
  4. Mesh Subdivide Settings: Introducing new settings for maxTriAspectRatio and maxSplittableTriAspectRatio in MeshSubdivide, giving users greater control and flexibility in mesh subdivision.
  5. Render Discretization Control: We’ve added a control feature for render discretization, allowing users to tailor the rendering process according to their specific preferences and requirements.
  6. Scene Saving Fixes: We’ve resolved issues in the scene saving functionality, ensuring that users can save and retrieve their projects seamlessly.
  7. Local Triangulations Optimization: Our team has optimized the accumulation and merge of local triangulations, leading to improved performance in triangulated mesh operations.
  8. Undo Action Constructors: Added constructors for undo actions that immediately change the state, enhancing the undo functionality for a more intuitive user experience.
  9. Text Mesh Python Exposings Fix: Addressed issues with Text Mesh exposings in Python, ensuring a smoother integration for users utilizing Python scripting.
  10. STEP Scene Format Fix: Resolved issues with the STEP scene format, enhancing compatibility and reliability for users working with this specific scene format.
  11. Merge Meshes Typo Fixes: Fixed typos in the mergeMeshes functionality, ensuring accuracy in mesh merging operations.
  12. Regression Tests Addition: Added regression tests for fork PR, reinforcing our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable software.
  13. Cone Feature Renaming: Renamed “radius” to “base radius” for cone features, aligning terminology for clarity and consistency.
  14. Basic Mesh Topology Functionality Exposed: Exposed basic mesh topology half-edge functionality, providing users with powerful tools for mesh analysis.
  15. Local Triangulations Building: Implemented TriangulationHelpers::buildLocalTriangulations, offering users advanced capabilities in local triangulation operations.
  16. Text Mesh Python Test Font Path Fix: Fixed font path issues in the Text Mesh Python test, ensuring smooth execution of Python tests related to text mesh functionality.
  17. Python Stub File Generation Fix: Addressed Python stub file generation issues on Windows, enhancing compatibility for users on different operating systems.

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