Release v2.3.8.148

February 12, 2024


In a recent MeshLib release, our team have made a series of significant improvements to enhance usability, functionality, and overall user experience. Here are some of the key highlights from the latest release:

  1. Revamped Search Interface: The search user interface has undergone a significant overhaul, aiming to provide users with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  2. Mesh Object Enhancements: Users can now save Flat Shading state for mesh objects seamlessly, addressing previous issues and contributing to a smoother workflow.
  3. Innovative Angle Measurement Feature: A new feature for angle measurements has been introduced, empowering users with more tools for precision in their projects.
  4. Optimized Operations: Various operations, including expand/shrink for face sets, have been optimized to improve efficiency and responsiveness.
  5. Flexible Default Flat Shading Settings: The update introduces three options for default flat shading settings (Flat, Smooth, Auto), offering users more flexibility in their rendering preferences.
  6. Code Quality Improvements: The development team has focused on improving code quality, including resolving font-type error codes, checking for extra warnings, and fixing initialization-less constructors.
  7. Notification System Redesign: A fresh design for notifications has been implemented, providing a more visually appealing and streamlined notification experience for users.
  8. Python Documentation Refinement: Python docstrings have been fixed for specific functions, contributing to a more accurate and well-documented Python API.
  9. Web Version Theme Update: The web version now defaults to a dark theme, aligning with contemporary design preferences and improving visual comfort.
  10. Innovative Widgets and Features: Several new features have been introduced, such as a surface contour widget, intersecting features functionality, and a bit mask for selected objects.
  11. Improved Triangulation: Triangulation modes have been enhanced, including the introduction of Triangulation mode without trusted normals.
  12. Dependency Updates: The software update includes various updates to dependencies, ensuring that the application remains compatible with the latest technologies.
  13. Enhanced Search Functionality: Search functionality has been refined to fix bugs, improve results, and optimize the overall search experience.
  14. Customization and Theming Improvements: Users can now enjoy improved customization options, including custom object prefixes and better handling of custom themes.
  15. Experimental Features: The developers have introduced experimental features, showcasing their commitment to continuous innovation and exploration.

This comprehensive update reflects a dedication to refining and expanding the capabilities of the software, promising users a more efficient, feature-rich, and visually pleasing experience. We encourage users to explore the new functionalities and provide feedback for further improvements.

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