Release v2.3.7.60

January 19, 2024


In the latest release, notable additions include the introduction of the circumcircleCenter and circumballCenters functions, alpha-shape triangle detection, and Python exposure of the relaxKeepVolume function. Improvements cover various aspects, such as UI fixes, enhanced documentation, optimizations in mesh operations, and updates to dependencies. Additionally, the release brings fixes to critical issues, ensuring a more stable and efficient user experience.

Key highlights:

  • Geometry Functionality:
    • Circumcircle & Circumball Centers: Addition of functions enhancing geometric computations.
    • Alpha-Shape Triangle Detection: Improved geometric analysis with alpha-shape triangles.
  • Python Integration:
    • Python Function Exposure: Enhanced Python integration with the exposure of key functions.
  • Development Collaboration:
    • Contributing Guide: Inclusion of a guide to facilitate collaboration and Python function exposure.
  • Rendering Enhancements:
    • Ribbon Resize Control Fix: Improved UI experience with ribbon resize control fix.
    • Notification System: Introduction of a notification system for enhanced user feedback.
  • Optimizations and Updates:
    • ICP and Mesh Optimizations: Optimizations in ICP and mesh operations for improved performance.
    • Vcpkg Auto Update: Keeping dependencies up-to-date with vcpkg version update.
  • Documentation and Examples:
    • New Documentation Examples: Additional examples for improved understanding and reference.
  • UI and User Experience:
    • Viewport Controls Organization: Enhanced user interface with organized controls.
    • Palette UI Window Limits Fix: Improved limits in Palette UI window for a better user experience.
  • Compatibility and Stability:
    • STEP Model Importing Fix: Ensuring compatibility and stability with a fix for STEP model importing.
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements:
    • Direction Widget Modes: Introduction of blocked mode for the direction widget.
    • Shortcut Manager Improvement: Improved key naming in the shortcut manager.

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